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Munir Harb

Learning to build healthy boundaries in your personal and professional life is the shortcut to frictionless self-development, sustained mental health, and getting back onto the optimal life path set out for you.

Once you've built your boundaries and learned to wield them responsibly, your mind becomes your monastery - a fortified place of calm. It is only in this place that you can hear and be guided by your inner-voice again.

Not your boss's voice. Not your parents' voice. Not your preacher's voice. Not your bully's voice. Your voice, as it used to be before life asked you to quiet it.

What your voice will tell you is anyone's guess. But if there is such a thing as destiny, there's no faster way of fulfilling it than by listening to that voice and respecting the impulses of your heart's compass.

The compass does not tell you where you are going as a map would, but it will point you in a direction, to a decision, and onto a path of action, even if just for a short while, and that's the best we can hope for amidst life's ambiguity.

You will face many difficulties on this path. You will be scared, but you will be brave. And you will make that bravery a habit.

When bravery becomes a habit, you will always express yourself with gentle honestly. You will have no need for lies or aggression, as those are qualities of the fearful, not the brave.

When gentle honesty is your driving philosophy, you will never fail to let it be known what is allowed and not allowed into your monastery.

Though you'd love to welcome everyone with open arms to share in the bliss of your personal solitude, you're wise enough to know that's not always possible.

Those are boundaries. Built reluctantly, but necessarily.

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